Hey pals, Recently I have been dabbling with Arrays in C++ and many times felt Python has better inbuilt list functions than CPP.If you have felt the same way then this post might change it.After extensive searching in the internet I found out that most of the list functions available in python can be acheived in CPP by using the Vector and Algorithm header files properly. Here I am sharing few of the CPP versions of commonly used Python List funcitons.

Hey Pals ! It has been a long time goal for me to have a personal blog and atlast it is live now. Hope i will write frequently. I am using hugo static site generator and github pages to host this blog. If you are curious about the theme which i am using feel free to checkout tranquilpeak Since I am new to using static site generators I am going to test the features in the rest of the blog feel free to stop reading if you are not here for it.

Santhosh Nagaraj S